katelyn 1

Katelyn is 1!!

By katemoynihan

August 9, 2016

Category: Portraits

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I’ve been photographing Katelyn since she was born!  She is the daughter of my long-time friend Jonathan and his wife Stephanie.  I have so enjoyed capturing Katelyn as she’s grown.  This session for her 1-year portraits was incredibly fun.  We met on a stupendously hot day, and decided to do all of the photographs inside the house.  My philosophy working with small children is to really let them be and photograph them being kids.  I don’t force little ones to sit and pose for me, as it creates stress and frustration on their part and often times on the part of their parents (and if I’m being honest, me too!).  My goal in session with kids until they’re about 4 (when they can understand being asked to sit for several minutes), is to simply capture their personality and the things they love.  I believe that I was able to do this with Katelyn.  Please enjoy all the photos of Katelyn HERE.