Katelyn is Two!

By katemoynihan

July 23, 2017

Category: Portraits

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I have been lucky enough to photograph my longtime friend, Jonathan’s, daughter since about two weeks after she was born.  Katelyn has been a superstar in front of my camera since that first session.  I look forward to photographing her every year, so I was excited when her mom sent me a message saying it was time for her 2-year portraits.  Any of you who have kids or who are photographers know that ages 2-3 mean challenging portrait subjects!  I pumped myself up the whole drive to their home, getting myself prepared to chase Katelyn around!  Surprisingly, Katelyn was such a cooperative model!  She has such a wonderful personality, and her parents are two of my favorite people.  On top of all that?  The family dog, Ducky, is just about my favorite canine model of all time!  You can see all of the pictures from Katelyn’s session HERE


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