Laura and Trevor Prom 2017

By katemoynihan

April 29, 2017

Category: Portraits

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I first met Laura and her family through my work as a school counselor.  At the time, she was 6 and battling cancer.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to be her homebound instructor, keeping her up to date on school work for almost a full year.  Over that time her family and I became incredibly close.  When her dad contacted me recently asking if I would want to take prom portraits of her and her boyfriend, I jumped at the chance.  I was thrilled that I would be there at this milestone.  There were many emotions as I photographed these kids.  Not only have I known Laura and her family, I also know her date and his family incredibly well too!  It was a truly special experience photographing them.  You can see all the photos from our session HERE.


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