Winter Birds

By katemoynihan

January 13, 2017

Category: Nature

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North Carolina was just the lucky recipient of a winter “storm.” I use that term loosely, as I originally come from Upstate NY.  In that part of the country 8-10 inches is a normal snowfall.  I also went to college in Central and Western NY, areas that get lake effect snow on the regular.  North Carolina’s idea of a snowstorm is much different!  We got quite a bit of ice this past weekend, and then a bit of snow on top of that.  This event closed school for three days!  The extra days off gave me an opportunity to spend time photographing some of the birds that visit my back yard.  I knew that cardinals, the tufted titmouse, and chickadees came to visit fairly regularly.  I had no idea that I had three separate varieties of woodpeckers.  I think one of the birds that visited was a Pine Warbler.  I also had frequent visits by some bluebirds.  I was able to capture some decent photographs of the birds, which brought me some joy.  You can see all of them HERE.

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