Alaskan Cruise: Day 3: Juneau

By katemoynihan

November 17, 2016

Category: Landscape

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Juneau was probably my favorite part of the cruise.  That day I woke up as the sun was coming up, and spent the entire morning as we moved up the inside passage photographing.  There were humpback whales everywhere, though quite far away so I didn’t great photographs.  Then in Juneau I went on a whale watching boat, and we saw a mother humpback and her calf.  They came up so close to our boat… I could’ve reached out and touched them (literally!).  They didn’t do anything super exciting (no flukes up out of the water, no jumping, no bubble net feeding), but it was amazing to be so close to them.  We went for a hike after the whales and saw Mendenhall Glacier.  While we were there, we got to hold a piece of the thousand year old glacier ice that had floated in the lake.  As we walked away we heard this tremendous noise that sounded like thunder.  Turns out, the glacier was calving!  According to our guide, Skip, it’s very rare to see this happen and he was bummed that we had just left the view when it did!  The photograph for this entry was taken as we came up the Inside Passage at about 5am.  It is one of my favorite photographs from the entire trip.  The weather was quite mild, and the scenery was absolutely stunning.  You can see all the photos HERE.

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