Discover the James November 5, 2016

By katemoynihan

November 7, 2016

Category: Nature

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I first heard about Discover the James Eagle Tours from a fellow photographer in my area.  I met Roger while photographing birds at the Jordan Lake spillway, over a year ago.  When we met we got to talking about birds and how challenging it can be to get good photographs of them.  He pulled up an image on his phone of a blue heron diving in to the water to get a fish.  It was absolutely breathtaking and I asked where he’d taken it.  He told me all about the boat tours that this company in Virginia does, explaining that the heron was affectionately called Chuck by the boat captain.  He told me that there were several pairs of bald eagles that nested along the river, and that the excursions gave you a really unique opportunity to photograph them.  I was incredibly intrigued and excited to plan a trip, and then life got busy.  It wasn’t until this September that I booked a trip, and then it got canceled due to rain.  We rescheduled to this past weekend.  One of the coolest things?  Roger ended up being there on the same day and same time!!


I cannot put into words how amazing this trip was.  We saw 10 or 12 different bald eagles, and were able to photograph them so close.  My trip left the dock at 7:30am.  The light was absolutely gorgeous for our entire trip out, and Mike the captain genuinely understands what photographers need in order to take a good photo.  My favorite part of the trip was a female eagle named Bandit.  We spent a lot of time observing her.  She knows (like all of the eagles) that Mike’s boat means at least one fish for her, so she followed along with us as we moved.  She gave us the greatest photo ops!  You can see all of the photos of my trip HERE.

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