Carolina Raptor Center: Photo Wild Day 1, perched

By katemoynihan

November 25, 2015

Category: Nature

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If you have never been to the Carolina Raptor Center, you’re missing out.  They do incredibly good work to rehabilitate raptors to release them back to the wild.  And when there are birds that are too injured, they give them a safe haven to live out their lives.  I attended their PhotoWild event in October.  This event offers photographers an opportunity to come in for several hours in the morning to photograph the birds out of their enclosures, unobstructed by fences.  There is also a portion of the event where they fly the birds for the photographers, giving you a chance to get some great flight shots of the birds.   You can see all of my images from day 1 HERE.  I’ll share one of my flight images from day 1 next!  This is a photo of Estrella, the Spectacled Owl.

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