Coleman Senior Session

By katemoynihan

November 14, 2015

Category: Portraits

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I first photographed Coleman for his prom last year.  I loved photographing him and his beautiful girlfriend, Emma.  So I was definitely thrilled when his Mom asked me to do his senior portraits this year.  It was made better because we made an entire day of it, working at Camp Willow Run with not only Coleman but also his best friend Olivia and his cousin Mariah.  His Mom gave me the best compliment after seeing his session.  She said, “Coleman’s photos are so good.  It’s pure art.  You never fail to impress.  And he hates having his picture taken but he responds to you so well!”  I’m thankful that Coleman likes working with me, because he is such a fun kid to photograph!  I typically wouldn’t pick this for a portrait to showcase what we did this day; obviously it doesn’t show Coleman’s face.  However, this photograph really epitomizes who Coleman is.  He loves to fish and hunt, and his dog is truly his best buddy.  We waited all day for this sunset, and I’m so glad I was able to experience this special place.  You can see all of Coleman’s shots HERE.

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