Katelyn Newborn Session

By katemoynihan

August 21, 2015

Category: Portraits


Recently a longtime friend messaged me and asked me if I would be willing to travel to Charlotte, NC to photograph his newborn daughter after her birth.  Normally traveling three hours for a portrait session is something I would say no to, but I’ve known Jonathan for a very long time and he’s always been a good friend.  Plus, I wanted to meet that sweet baby as soon as possible!  Katelynn was no interested in cooperating in all my plans for this session, so we were all flexible and made adjustments.  I had such a great afternoon getting to know Jonathan’s wife, Stephanie and photographing their precious baby.  The session was made even more amazing by the family’s adorable dog Ducky.  Good gracious that dog was precious!  You can see our entire session HERE.

2 Responses to “Katelyn Newborn Session”

  1. […] first photographed the adorable Katelyn when she was brand new to this big world.  Now, she’s 6 months old!  She’s gotten so big, and such a sweet […]

  2. […] been photographing Katelyn since she was born!  She is the daughter of my long-time friend Jonathan and his wife Stephanie.  I have so enjoyed […]

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