By katemoynihan

July 4, 2015

Category: Nature

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When I first moved to NC, a good friend had this photograph in her house that I was absolutely in love with.  It was a photograph of a sunflower that her brother took and despite never really having an affinity for sunflowers before, this photo really touched my soul.  I’ve wanted an opportunity to photograph a field of sunflowers ever since, but couldn’t find anywhere that would work to do what I’d like to.  The other day one of the local news stations shared some photos of a sunflower field a reporter took and gave the location of the field they took them in.  Upon some further research, I found out the field was only about 15 minutes from my house!!  To top it off, a wonderful woman I know faced another major health hurdle on Thursday.  I thought that perhaps a sunny photo of some happy sunflowers might brighten her day as she recuperates in the hospital.  As it turns out, sunflowers are one of her favorite flowers!  Even better- I was able to take exactly the photos I hoped to take!  You can see all of the beautiful, sunny morning HERE.

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