Sylvan Heights Peacock

By katemoynihan

July 2, 2015

Category: Nature

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I visited Sylvan Heights again a couple days ago.  I really enjoy this place; there are so many different varieties of birds and there is such a unique opportunity to photograph them.  You can get so close and most of the time there is no fence between you and the birds.  My trip this time was very spontaneous.  I got up and it suddenly occurred to me that I wanted to try and photograph the male peacock with his tail fanned.  So I packed up and drove down!  At first it seemed that I wouldn’t achieve my goal… the male peacock that was out roaming outside the cage was nowhere to be seen.  As I was rounding a corner toward another set of birds I heard a strange noise and looked up.  There was the peacock!  He was on top of a gazebo.  I had no idea that peacocks could fly.  I waited a few minutes and thankfully he flew down to the ground and then he blessed me with the beautiful fan!!  Such a beautiful bird and I feel privileged to have been able to photograph him.  You can see all of my photos of the birds at Sylvan Heights HERE.


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