Barred Owl Family

I have a list of things that I hope to photograph one day, my photography bucket list.  Eventually I’ll actually post that list so if anyone out there knows where I could go to achieve some of them they can tell me!  Most of them are places (The Eiffel Tower, Alaska, Yellowstone…) but there are some specific things.  Most of my things happen to be animals.  Thanks to a fellow photographer, I achieved another bucket list capture yesterday!  I’ve photographed owls in captivity, but to me that doesn’t count.  I found out that a park relatively close to me has a family of barred owls living there, so yesterday I drove to the Bog Garden in Greensboro, NC and set out to find them.  I was feeling somewhat discouraged after about an hour, but then I caught sight of a man who was loaded down with photography equipment and he was stopped on the path.  He pointed and *boom* there was mama owl!  He pointed just a little ways to the right and there was one of the fluffy babies!   I stayed for hours photographing them.  The female owl even hooted for us, trying to convince her mate to come and visit with her.  Alas, he didn’t show up but it was so exciting.  I’ve posted several photos from my morning and you can see them here.  I will likely post more as I continue to go through them!

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