Jordan Lake Spillway

By katemoynihan

March 29, 2015

Category: Nature

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I love going to the spillway.  There’s always something happening that is beautiful to see.  The eagles have been out in full force lately, though they’ve stayed pretty far up the river.  I’m hoping that one day when I visit they’ll come up closer to the dam.  I know they do, as several other photographers have gotten some great shots of them there.  I went this morning to try out my new 600mm lens.  This morning the Osprey were incredibly active.  I’m a little frustrated with myself, because I did not check my battery charge before leaving, and as it turned out it was low.  I ended up going dead long before I wanted to leave.  On the bright side, it’s motivated me to order a spare.  I’m fairly pleased with the new lens; it has its own quirks and can get a little soft on the long end… but it did great with the fast action of these gorgeous birds.  

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