Owen 6 Month

By katemoynihan

October 3, 2014

Category: Portraits


My session with Owen and his parents a couple weekends ago was one of my favorite sessions of all time.  I did Sarah’s maternity session and then Owen’s newborn session and had a blast.  I had been looking forward to photographing Owen as I saw photos Sarah posted of him on Facebook; he always looked super happy.  Admittedly, I was also nervous!  Babies can be very challenging and I wasn’t sure how things would go.  Owen was such fun to photograph.  He grinned and laughed almost the entire session, thanks in great part to his mom’s antics and shenanigans.  I’m still working on edits, so I don’t have a full album up yet, but I’ve posted a few!  You can visit that HERE.   I look forward to photographing Owen as he gets older!   The photo I’ve chosen for this blog entry is one of my favorite from the shoot.  Owen was in a full-blown belly laugh because of something his mom was doing behind me.  It had all of us laughing!


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