Speedy Little Devils

I love to photograph hummingbirds.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason this year the hummingbirds at my house in NC haven’t been interested in my feeders.  It’s been frustrating because I really like to take good photographs of them.  It became more important when my new boss told me that she loves hummingbirds; I really wanted to photograph them to get her a good photo as a “welcome to our school” gift.  I had all but given up, but then I came to New York on a trip to see my family.  My aunt told me that she had tons of hummingbirds visiting her feeders, so I went to the house to try my luck.  It was slow going because my father was mowing the lawn, which made them a little more skittish than usual.  I waited almost an hour, but finally was able to capture one of her female hummingbirds feeding!

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