Jordan Lake

By katemoynihan

April 19, 2014

Category: Nature


I have known for quite some time that there is at least one mating pair of Bald Eagles at Jordan Lake, which is about a 45 minute drive from my home.  I’ve gone on other occasions to try to catch them as they soar over the lake, but have only glimpsed them from very far away.  This week a friend and I went back to Jordan Lake in hopes of capturing some good photos of the eagles.  We did see them… on three separate occasions.  But they were always just far enough away that it didn’t work out for pictures.  It was a great day though, as we were able to get some great shots of Blue Herons and Osprey feeding at the spillway by the dam.  I had been to the top of the dam previously, but had no idea there was access to the spillway!

2 Responses to “Jordan Lake”

  1. What a shot, what a treat. Thanks for sharing

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