Bald Eagles- Plymouth, NC

My good friend Cliff recently said to me, “If you like Bald Eagles you should go here…” I lived in Plymouth for a year and had never heard that there were any Bald Eagles there.  According to my friend there were “a bunch.” Getting a good photograph of a Bald Eagle has been on the top of my photography goal list for years.  I’ve come close a couple times… but never really achieved what I was aiming for.  They are a somewhat shy bird, so they tend to stay away from the beaten path.  I figured if it happened I would luck into the shot by being in the right place at the right time.  When my friend told me about his apparent Eagle Mecca I decided to take a trip.  My friend Stacey went with me; she has become my very appreciated and valuable spotter on my nature photography trips.  She carries binoculars with her and she spends the day scanning the area and pointing out things that I might miss otherwise.  As we pulled into the area Cliff had directed us to, I think both Stacey and I were incredibly skeptical.  Stacey even said, “I don’t see where they’d hunt…” which was a fair observation.  We couldn’t see any water that they could fish in, but I tried to be positive and said that they would just hunt rodents in the fields surrounding us.  I was really thinking that perhaps Cliff had seen one eagle, one time at this spot and thought maybe I’d see one too.  We came around a turn and I saw something sitting on top of a power line… and sure enough it was an adult bald eagle!  I was so excited and managed to get close enough to snap some photographs.  They were better than anything I’d ever taken before, and I found myself so proud and thrilled and wondered how it could ever get better.  But then it did.  There were 7-8 more eagles in the trees far across a field, and then we saw about 11 sitting on another tree far off.  I texted Cliff thanking him and he called me and told me that if we go to the catfish pond we might be able to see the eagles diving in to fish… sure enough off to my left if I stood up I could see that there was a pond and the birds were incredibly active.  We drove further up the road and found at least four juvenile eagles!  We turned to go back to the catfish pond, and in a tree right by the road was a beautiful eagle sitting and looking out at things.  We stayed for about an hour and a half, and I was able to get such amazing photos… I am still in awe of what I saw.  In total we think we saw about 30 eagles… unique eagles.  The only thing I wish had been different is a little more sun… but I think even with the overcast day I was able to capture some truly gorgeous shots of these amazing animals.  I fully intend to visit this spot again, because I know I will be able to get some breathtaking shots.  You can see all of the photos here.

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