By katemoynihan

March 18, 2014

Category: Nature, Night

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After my last trip to Lake Mattamuskeet I was feeling somewhat discouraged about nature photography.  This wasn’t because I didn’t take great photos there, but because they weren’t “good enough.” I talked while we were there chasing the Bald Eagle around about how much I wished I could afford a longer zoom lens because it would make it more possible to photograph birds and other wildlife without having to be right up on them.  I knew I would have to start saving.

Then the other day I came home and found a package on my stoop.  When I opened it, I found a brand new Sigma 500mm zoom.  My friend Stacey had ordered it for me, saying that she was my “credit card” and I could just pay her a little bit monthly to pay off the cost.  I’ve not had a big opportunity to use it yet, but I did take it out the other night when the moon was almost full.  I got some great shots, and one of them was even featured on the news this morning as Weather Shot of the Day!  I’m looking forward to working with this lens when I get a working camera!

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