Lake Mattamuskeet

By katemoynihan

March 10, 2014

Category: Nature

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This weekend I visited Lake Mattamuskeet with a good friend.  My goal was to work on some nature photography, and hopefully get some good shots of the waterfowl that nests at the lake in the winter.  I had visited the lake several years ago and had a great time, but was really looking forward to shooting there now that I’ve had a couple of years to work on my photography and improve.  I was also really hoping I would see a Bald Eagle and get to photograph it.


did see and photograph a Bald Eagle, but he was very far away (story of my life) so the photos are super.  I’m saving up currently for a longer telephoto lens, so hopefully on my next trip I’ll be able to get better on the next trip.  However, I am incredibly proud of how far my photography has come in the years between my first visit and this one.   I know that an upgrade in equipment will really help me in getting closer to these animals that are so shy.

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