Tree Toss

By katemoynihan

February 1, 2014

Category: Nature

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Every year the Conservator’s Center hosts a special event for its animals.  Tree Toss is a time that a local Christmas Tree Farm donates the unsold trees so the animals can have them.  The staff and volunteers at the center also make special gifts for the animals, including whipped cream filled ornaments and Christmas packages!  I was lucky enough to get tickets to one of these events this year, although I did not do it as a Photo Safari experience.  Next year I will though; after doing one Photo Safari it is so difficult to go back to photographing with the enclosure fences in your way.  I’m very pleased with how some of my images came out though, and I had such a wonderful time seeing the animals enjoying themselves so thoroughly.

This is a photo of Calvin Lion, a member of the mixed pride.  He is one of my favorite lions at the center.  I look forward to when I go back the next time for another photo safari.  I realized after Tree Toss that there is a whole pride of lions that I haven’t photographed yet, including a male lion named Pacino.


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