Lions and Tigers and Wolves, Oh My!

By katemoynihan

October 7, 2013

Category: Nature

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I found out about the Conservators’ Center a couple years ago, and had talked with a friend about possibly going to check it out.  It never panned out, and I kind of forgot about it.  I recently became friends with someone who happens to spend a great deal of time volunteering there, and after seeing his posts it inspired me to try to plan a trip.  My friend Stacey and I had been trying to figure out something to do Sunday, and when I suggested we visit the animals at the Conservators’ Center, she was all for it.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the experience was, or how much I’m looking forward to going back again.  At one point we were standing by the wolf enclosure and all of the wolves began to howl.  This led to all of the lions and tigers making their noise in response.  It was completely and totally overwhelming and awe-inspiring.  This trip we just did a regular adult tour.  My next trip I will be paying the fee to do a photographer’s tour, which will allow me the ability to photograph in areas with no fence obstructing my view.

One Response to “Lions and Tigers and Wolves, Oh My!”

  1. […] friends with one of the husbands of one of the barn moms.  I met him recently on my trip to the Conservators Center.  He volunteers there a couple of days a week and made a special trip on the day Stacey and I […]

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