Great Northern Loon

By katemoynihan

July 31, 2013

Category: Nature

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Today I dragged my Dad to Moreau Lake near our house.  He hates water and I’m not sure anyone else on the planet could’ve convinced him to go.  We’d heard from my cousin and his mother-in-law that a loon nested on Moreau though, so I figured it would be a good chance to photograph one… a bit closer up than on my trip to New Hampshire.

We paddled around the lake for a couple of hours.  I got some nice photos of the scenery, and even ran into a childhood friend and her mother.  She said she’d seen the loon, but wasn’t sure where he’d gone to.  So we kept paddling.  After awhile we turned back to return the boat.  We saw my friend again and she said, “Did you see it?” I said I hadn’t (and likely sounded pretty bummed out).  She pointed and said, “He’s right over there!” I looked, and at first didn’t see what she was pointing at.  I lifted my camera and realized that he was there!  I hadn’t expected it to be so big!

I am so excited I saw him.  I was getting a little sad when we hadn’t seen him, resigned to the idea that I just wasn’t going to get my photo this trip.  I’m incredibly excited that I not only saw him, but managed to get a decent photograph!  I’ll definitely be planning on visiting Moreau Lake again next summer.  I’d like to take some kayaking lessons prior to so I can go out by myself.  Dad really hates being out on the water!

One Response to “Great Northern Loon”

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