One of my responsibilities at my “regular job” is serving as the information liaison for my school.  It’s a job that I enjoy, because it typically gives me an excuse to run around school taking pictures.  I’ve been lucky in the sense that I know the editor of one of our local papers because I’ve had her kids in school since I began my career in the county.  Because of this relationship, she has very graciously given me photo credit for all photos I have submitted to the paper for work.  It’s probably a very small thing as far as she is concerned, but it’s something I greatly appreciated.  Recently I photographed a baseball tournament and emailed the editor asking if she would be interested in photos from it, since one of the teams is local to our area.  She said she would be, and that if she got the photos by Sunday night they might run in the Thursday edition.

This is one of the photos included in the online edition of the paper.  A friend stopped and picked up a hard copy and found that they had included the team shot on the front page of the paper!  So excited that the team was recognized; they were wearing special t-shirts in honor of the Air Force division that this pitcher’s uncle serves in.  Also, the team had kind of a rough day previously due to some poor behavior by another team that left this pitcher seriously injured.  I’m so glad that they were given a spot in the paper, and I’m very glad I was at the game to capture the images!


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