Photography Bucket List

By katemoynihan

July 29, 2013

Category: Nature

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My Dad maintains the opinion that I am too young to have a bucket list.  I humbly disagree.  This is especially true for my photography bucket list.  (I’ll have to post it sometime, in its entirety).  One of the things on my list is the Great Northern Loon. It started as a wisp of a thought a very long time ago.  My Aunt loves them and had a lot of carved loons and photos taken by professional photographers in her home.  Awhile back I started thinking how neat it would be to photograph one and give it to her as a gift… she would have a photograph of her favorite bird that her niece actually captured.  Plus, it was a challenge.  Loons are shy and live in pretty remote regions typically.

I was excited when I got an opportunity to visit New Hampshire last week, especially since we’d be taking a lunch cruise on Lake Washington.  I did some research and confirmed there were Loons nesting on the lake.  I didn’t hold out much hope though.  Lake Washington is huge, and the odds of actually seeing a Loon were very slim.  I stood on the deck for almost two hours, scanning the lake… nothing.  I was mildly disappointed, but resigned to the fact that this wasn’t my trip to see a loon.  All of a sudden my Mom said, “What’s that!” I looked out the window, and about 400 yards from our boat was something in the water.  I got my camera, and sure enough… it was a loon!  It was very far away, but I snapped some shots.

They’re not perfect, but considering how far away I was I’m pretty excited that you can tell what it is.  The funny thing is, when I got home my cousin’s mom told me that I could just drive 15 minutes from our house and go out on Moreau Lake to see one.  She said that she sees it every single time she kayaks!!  Dad and I are going Wednesday.

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