Chasing Some Cans

I’ve been the Association Photographer for the EZ Run PBRA for almost four years.  I have such a great sense of thankfulness for this association, because if it wasn’t for them I don’t think I would have a photography business.  They gave me a chance when I was first starting out, and the riders were among my first customers for any type of sale.  Saturday July 20th they had a race to make up for some that had recently been postponed due to weather!

This is Kim and her horse Schaefer.  Very recently Kim took a bad fall and broke several vertebrae in her back!  She had a fantastic run Saturday that earned her second place in the 1D.

I love photographing barrel races.  They are so exciting, and there is always something interesting to capture with my camera.  What I love most about EZ Run though, is the many friendships I’ve made photographing there.  When I walk on to the show grounds I always here people calling “hello” to me, and I lose track of the number of people who come over just to ask how I’m doing.  It’s a wonderful feeling!


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