Go Out on a Limb

Recently my trainer, our assistant trainer, and one of our advanced riders went to a horse trials at Carolina Horse Park.  It was a big show and when they came back both of them were talking about the photographer there and how they might want to get some photos from her.  It occurred to me that, at an even like that, they probably had more than one photog working.  I mused that maybe they would be looking for more people, and then kind of second guessed myself.

The other night I gathered my courage and sent a message to the business.  I said that I had been photographing various smaller events in the area for the past few years, linked to my website, and said I would be interested if they were looking for more photographers.  I figured I wouldn’t hear back or would get a “thanks but…” response.

I was surprised when I woke up this morning to a message from the owner of the business saying that they are looking for other photographers.  She went on to say that I have some very nice work and if I was interested I could come to the horse trials at FenRidge Farm on May 26th to work and meet her!

So… if all goes well that day I will be shooting as part of the High Time Photography team when they need me!  I’m excited because it’s an opportunity to photograph a wide range of equestrian disciplines, including stadium and cross-country jumping as well as dressage.  I’ve always loved the three day event, and horse trials are kind of like a 3-day all rolled into one!

This experience has taught me to go out on that limb more often and put myself out there.  This is going to be an amazing chance to further my business and had I not put myself out there I wouldn’t have it!

One Response to “Go Out on a Limb”

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