Portraits Galore: Tori’s Family

By katemoynihan

May 14, 2013

Category: Portraits

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Another fall shoot I did involved Tori and her family.  Her sister, brother-in-law and nephew were in town visiting from New York and they wanted to get some shots.  Tori’s two daughters Aiden and Sarah were also there!


Tori’s sister’s family.  The baby was absolutely precious!

Sarah didn’t know what to think of getting up on the fence, and she was a bit perturbed!

She eventually got into the spirit though!

Aiden was excited to get her portrait taken, and was full of smiles.

When we made our way to the lake, the sun was setting.  I was so pleased to have the opportunity to get some gorgeous silhouette shots.

Tori and Sarah were playing by the water.

I love this shot of Aiden and Sarah.  I hope one day they look at this photo and are able to remember how important it is to have a sister to hold your hand.

I just love Aiden’s freckles!

Mom and daughter.  Both just beautiful!

I’m sad to say I can’t remember this handsome guy’s name.  I just know he was adorable!

I really love this shot of Sarah.  She is Autistic, so sometimes getting a genuine smile is a little challenging.  She really seemed to enjoy having her portrait taken though!

I really liked shooting in this location at this time of day.  The light was lovely, especially the sunset.  I need to remember this for future sessions!

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