Portraits Galore: Shaelyn

By katemoynihan

May 14, 2013

Category: Portraits

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Shaelyn is another member of my barn family.  I first met her while I was photographing a horse show she was competing in.  Since that time, I have begun riding at the same farm and become friends with her mom.  Shaelyn is a wonderful kid with a bright future as an equestrian.  Her horse, Reya, was her co-model for our shoot!

Reya wasn’t too sure for quite some time what exactly it was we were trying to achieve.  We worked for a long time to get a photo with her ears forward!

When I planned this shoot, the weather forecast was supposed to be cloudy.  A cloudy day is actually the best setting for outdoor portraits, because the clouds act like a giant light diffuser.  Unfortunately, we ended up working in bright sunshine.  The images turned out OK, but I do wish that the weather had cooperated with me!

Shaelyn is pretty shy generally speaking.  I’m glad she was able to feel comfortable with me shoving my camera lens in her face!

Shaelyn was a fantastic model!  I definitely look forward to doing more sessions with her as she gets older.  One day I’ll be posting her senior session and linking back to this!

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