Portraits Galore: Jeremy and Emily Fall 2012

By katemoynihan

May 14, 2013

Category: Portraits

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I did my annual photographs of Jeremy and his Mom Emily this fall.  They are two of my favorite models!

Jeremy is one of my favorite kids to photograph, although this session was admittedly very challenging.  He was very hyped up and wanted to do a lot of “ninja” poses.  His Mom and I were running all over downtown Fayetteville and trying to get shots like this in between the really silly poses.

Jeremy just fundamentally understands that this “broken” look really reads well on film. There are a lot of professional models who need classes to figure that out!  In this shoot (and many of the shoots I’ve done with Jeremy) I rarely pose him.  He naturally does things like this.


I’ve done several shoots with this dynamic duo, and the results are always stellar.  I was relieved when I got home and found that I had many fantastic images.  This shoot taught me that with kids it’s important to really just go with the flow.  Even some of my shots of Jeremy doing ninja poses are very good, and it allowed him to be authentic and who he was that day.  If I had tried to pose and force him to fit in my mold, the shots would not have been good.  Not to mention I would’ve had a cranky kiddo on my hands!

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