Rock the Shot Photo Challenge September: Pets

By katemoynihan

September 8, 2012

Category: pets

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One of my first subjects as a photographer has been my dog, Merlin.  He got used to having my camera shoved in his face at a very early age, so when I saw this month’s Rock the Shot challenge was pets I immediately began thinking of what photo I should use!  I have some great shots of horses of course, but I realized that Merlin is where it all began!

I literally have hundreds of photos of my dog.  I knew though, exactly what photo I wanted to use for this challenge…

Merlin was 4 months old in this photo.  We drove out to Pea Island on the Outer Banks in January for his first trip to the beach.  He immediately discovered two things: 1) The ocean itself is super scary, because it chased him.  2) The sand is the best thing ever.  He would have dug all day long if I let him!  The picture immediately before this one is the the lower half of his little puppy body sticking out while his head is buried digging.  I love this photo because I had said his name and his head popped up, face covered in sand.  He seemed to be saying, “I’m diggin’ Mom!”

Please visit Rock The Shot to join the September photo challenge this month!  (Rock the Shot instructs not to include the http in the URL, but it causes my site to not recognize it.  Please type http://www.rocktheshotforum into your browser to get to their site!)

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