Lynette Maternity

My friend Lynette is expecting a baby!  It’s very exciting, and I was even more excited when she said she would like to do her maternity portraits at the beach!  I’ve never done a maternity session at the beach and I was looking forward to the challenges and opportunities it would offer.

This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot, more due to the memories associated with it.  We were standing pretty far back from where the surf was hitting.  I sat down at Lynette’s feet and began shooting up at her belly.  I heard a wave hit and I knew that it was going to hit me.  I didn’t get up though, thinking it would get my legs.  No big deal.  I was shocked when the wave engulfed me from the waist down!  I got the shot though!

Lynette reports that she loves her photos, which is a fantastic success in my book.  I can’t wait to do her newborn photos when her little bundle of joy is born.  It will be a surprise; we’re not sure if she’s having a boy or girl!

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