Hinton-Vartanesian Wedding

By katemoynihan

March 24, 2012

Category: Weddings

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As I mentioned in my last entry, I recently photographed the wedding of my dear friends Natalie and David.  The wedding was held at the Pine-Knoll Shores Aquarium.  The setting was beautiful, but incredibly tricky for a photographer.  There is a lot of glass (aka- reflective surface that a flash will bounce back from) and a lot of darkness (aka- you need a flash or a very good low-light camera to capture decent images).

I was nervous.

It was my first wedding, and to top it off it was the wedding of two incredibly good friends who were trusting me to document their special day.

Given the fact that I had trouble using my off-camera flash unit (for a variety of reasons), I’m really pleased with how the images turned out.  There was a lot working against the “perfect image” in this scenario, but I think (and hope) Natalie and David will be pleased with their images.  I feel incredibly blessed that I was asked to photograph this event and hope that I will get more opportunities in the future.


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