Latest Happenings

I’ve been a busy photographer lately, which is always a good thing.  The horse show season has officially begun again, the first show was this weekend.  I’m working on editing those photos now so I can have them ready for customers.  I’m excited for barrel racing to kick back in to high gear, but have a few weeks to wait for that.

I’ve spent some time the last few months getting ready for a major event that’s coming my way: my first wedding gig.  I feel that I’m doing all the right research and preparing the best I can.  I posted the engagement photos here right after I took them.  This weekend I traveled with the bride, Natalie, to her wedding venue in order to do a walk through and talk about how the day was planned to go.  I did a lot of test shots, showed her what she could expect from me on her special day… and got comfortable using my big flash rig for the first time!  It was a very beneficial trip because it left me feeling more confident that her expectations of the final product are realistic, and that my initial feelings of worry about the poor lighting in the venue were really me just being too concerned.  It will be challenging, because the wedding is taking place indoors at the aquarium… so it is very low light and a lot of reflective surfaces.  My plan is to use my external flash rig any time I’m not directly facing a fish tank, and to work on silhouettes and “artistic” shots the rest of the time.  It will be an interesting experience.

The biggest focus of our trip, though, was to capture Natalie’s bridal portraits.  For those of you up north who may not be familiar, this is a session specific to the bride.  It’s all about her!  We got Natalie dolled up (ps- I can now add to my resume hairstylist for bridal portraits) and in her dress, and then went out to the beach to capture her looking stunning.  Obviously I can’t share these photos until after Natalie and David’s wedding in March, but I can say that she looked amazing and made my job incredibly easy.

I did take some photos other than the bridal portraits though!  We spent some time at the Aquarium first.



I got up very early the morning following the bridal portraits and visited the beach.  This image was later submitted to WRAL and used as weather shot of the day.  We had a beautiful time and I look forward to all that’s coming up.

Pretty soon I will be unveiling a new logo for Kate Moynihan Photography, created by my dear friend Monica Everdyke.  She not only is an incredibly talented photographer, but also an amazing artist and graphic designer.  I’m excited to share this new logo with everyone!

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