I began my photography career taking photos of barrel racing for the EZ Run PBRA.  Since that time I have been named the association photographer for EZ Run, and have truly honed my abilities in photographing this amazing event.  Not only have I taken some amazing pictures and built a strong customer base, I’ve made incredible friendships.  To top it off, my time with EZ Run has also been an incredible networking opportunity.

I began shooting events at Triple Creek, the farm I took lessons at until a couple years ago.  My good friend, and instructor, Elizabeth encouraged me to just come and practice and see what happened.  I even took pictures of a couple of her students prior to my first barrel race.  The parent of one of those students contacted me recently and asked if I would be interested in photographing the Sunchaser Equestrian winter series. I said I would.

I really enjoyed watching and photographing the kids’ classes.  There were several incredibly talented young people, including this little boy.  You very rarely see boys competing in a hunter show, and I was lucky enough to meet his family.  They recognize that if he continues to ride, he will have a unique skill that will set him apart from others.  He was a dynamite rider!

I had a wonderful time photographing this event.  Hunter/jumper is something I’m incredibly passionate about on a personal level, because it is the discipline of riding I have extensive experience in.  It was wonderful to be part of a show like this that showcased some very amazing young and adult athletes!

A great big thank you to Sunchaser Equestrian for inviting me.  I can’t wait until the next show in the series.

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