Jeremy and Emily Fall 2011

By katemoynihan

November 13, 2011

Category: Portraits

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I first photographed Jeremy and Emily last summer (2010).  It was the first portrait session I was hired to do, and I ended up being pleased with the results.  Both Emily and Jeremy are incredibly photogenic and the location made it easy to capture beautiful images.

Emily asked me to take portraits of her and Jeremy again today, only this time she chose a different location.  We met in downtown Fayetteville.  To be honest I was a bit… apprehensive about this session.  I’ve never done a portrait session in an urban setting, and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to capture any meaningful images in this type of situation.

As it turns out, the images I captured today are some of my favorite in my brief career as a photographer.



Something I did learn though?  It’s super important to scout locations before a shoot like this.  I arrived about half an hour before Emily and Jeremy did, and walked around.  I found spots that I thought would make interesting choices for portraits, like the yellow door, the striped awning, and the train yard.  It definitely paid off to take the time to get myself oriented.

These portraits definitely capture the spirit of Emily and Jeremy!  They also serve as a reminder to me that I always need to be willing to step outside my comfort zone!

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