By katemoynihan

August 21, 2011

Category: Nature, Night

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When I first began to “get serious” about photography, I developed a strange goal.  I wanted to take a good photograph of lightning.  This may not seem so strange, unless you know that I’m relatively petrified of thunder storms.  Not to mention standing outside with a tripod in a lightning storm is, generally speaking, a bad plan.

I accomplished my goal tonight.

Granted, it’s not perfect.  It’s taken from my front porch so my pecan trees are in the way, and the bank is visible.  Given lightning’s unpredictable nature, I am incredibly proud of this photograph.

Better still- I came inside *just* before the rain started to pour down.  Win win.

One Response to “Electric”

  1. Wow, that is freakin awesome! Amazing shot! And glad you managed not to get soaked 🙂

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