By katemoynihan

July 4, 2011

Category: Night


I know it’s a bit last minute, but I thought I would do a quick post about fireworks!  For a long time I struggled with how to get a good firework shot.  I read a great post by The Pioneer Woman about it, and since then I’ve had pretty good luck.

If I’m able to bring my tripod, I always use it to photograph fireworks.  Handholding your camera for fireworks shots is difficult…

Even in this shot, which was taken before the sun fully went down, I used my tripod.  The reason is that I used a longer exposure time…

Set your ISO at 100-200.  Then put your aperture at around f8.  Dial your shutter speed to about 20-30 seconds.  It is a very long exposure, hence the tripod.  The long exposure gives you the lovely light trails.  The tripod makes them crystal clear!

There are some people who say that you need to use your remote release to properly photograph fireworks.  I’ve never used that, and apparently my pushing the shutter button doesn’t jostle my camera too much!

Also important to note: the last time I shot fireworks I didn’t have my tripod.  I shot them anyway!  Instead of aiming for pretty trails of light, I just tried to get interesting shots!  The main thing about fireworks is to have fun!

2 Responses to “Fireworks”

  1. Thanks Lisa! I didn’t get a chance to photograph any this year!

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