Be Ready

By katemoynihan

May 14, 2011

Category: Portraits

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When I do a portrait session I take a very photojournalistic approach.  While I do take the time to take some posed photos, I also take even more time to take photos of the people interacting with each other and their surroundings.  If kids are involved I let them play and be kids.  I let adults play and be kids too.  It is so important in sessions like this to be ready.  There can sometimes be ten different things going on around you, depending on the number of people at the shoot.  I’ve found that if I can keep aware of where everyone is and what everyone is doing, it can really pay off.  I recently did a session with the Rose-Frink Family.

Moments before this shot was taken I was taking a photo of someone else.  Horses were moving all around us.  I noticed that I didn’t know where Jeremy was, and I turned and saw him approaching his pony.  Then this happened.  *click*

Tracey’s family is one of my favorites to photograph because they all like to play, and have fun.  There are always moments like this in sessions, and it’s so important to be prepared.

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