By katemoynihan

December 23, 2010

Category: Night

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I got hired to photograph a company Christmas gala last night.  The event was held at the Pinehurst Resort, which is a historical landmark.  To say that it is beautiful is an understatement.

I had about an hour and a half break to eat dinner and relax during the course of the evening, before I had to return to photograph more of the party.  I used that time to photograph various aspects of the resort.  My favorite just happened to be outside.


This is the front of the main resort building.

This is the main entrance.  So warm and inviting!

Some Christmas light tips:

  • Meter for the light available.  This means ignoring your camera telling you that there “isn’t enough light.” You may have to take a test shot or two before you find the right shutter speed, but you’ll get it.
  • You do not need to have a really long exposure for a photo like this.  I shot at 1/40 with an ISO of 200 and and f/1.8.  I easily hand held both of these photos and had no blurring.

I really enjoyed photographing the party, but getting out and taking these photos was really the highlight of my evening.  Always remember to keep your eyes peeled for photo ops around you, even when you’re doing another job!

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