Very early this morning there was a total lunar eclipse.  Typically I wouldn’t get up at 2am, especially when I’ve been sick, but this will be the last lunar eclipse I have the opportunity to see, or photograph, for quite some time.



You’ll have to excuse the composition… more on that in a moment!

Last photo I took.

I learned 2 things from this photography experience:

1) Get your tripod set up when the moon is at its brightest and focus on the moon then.  That way when the clouds roll in, you can switch to manual settings without screwing up your focus or composition.

2) Long exposures work best for this type of event.  This meant that I was using my self timer and letting the shot expose for 8-12 seconds.  This allowed the deep red color show through.

In the end, it was totally worth it to get up to see this.  I also learned that I need to do some more work with my tripod and get comfortable with how it moves and sets.  My lack of familiarity with that piece of equipment really led to some poor composition of what would have otherwise been great photos! Overall I’m pleased with how they came out; it was my first real endeavor in photographing anything at night.

Step outside your comfort zone and photograph things you’re not entirely sure how to!  You just might surprise yourself.

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